Fluidized beads bed "Medical Suspension Bed"

Work bed "Medical Suspension Bed" is based on the effect of pseudo-liquid, which is formed by circulating microspheres due to air flow.

Bed from the manufacturer Ningbo Denghuang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. used for the care and treatment of burn patients in hospitals. Medical Suspension Bed bed increases the contact area of ​​the patient's body to the surface of the bed, reduces pressure on the body surface, effectively reduces the patient's pain, ensures normal microcirculation in the vessels of the patient.

Main components used imported or from manufacturers with the joint Sino-foreign investment that guarantees the stability and reliability of burn beds Medical Suspension Bed.

Bed "Medical Suspension Bed" is designed to care for patients with burns, wounds (especially on the back, buttocks, legs), ICU, skin diseases, ulcers, post-operative (the heart, the brain, the bones and joints), in rehabilitation center and for bedridden patients (paralysis, loss of brain centers).